Jacob's passion for aquatic plants blossomed when at the age of 11 his mom gave him aquatic plants seeds for his ten gallon goldfish tank. Although they didn't last long, Jacob was fascinated at the idea of growing plants in aquariums. However, it wasn't until age 16 when he got serious about it. From then on Jacob bought and sold many aquariums growing plants in each one. The reason for going through so many tanks was the constant relocating. As a teenager Jacob's family moved throughout three different states finally settling back where they started, California. 

At the age of 19 in the summer of 2010. Jacob created the YouTube channel Jacob's Aquarium. Not expecting it to be anything special, Jacob didn't really put much effort into his videos. His videos mainly consisted of him talking about the planted tank hobby. However, it was this simplicity and from what his viewers claim, being so well spoken that attracted a large audience in a short amount of time. Within a year Jacob had 10,000 subscribers and growing everyday. Realizing that thousands of people now depended on him for vital information, Jacob put a lot of effort into his videos and began producing higher end content like his well known series "Tropical Fish Store Tours." 

In Spring of 2014, Jacob created after leaving his job as a website manager for a large aquarium supply company. Jacob saw the potential of building his passion into a business. He started small, selling plant trimmings from his own aquariums. But when demand grew, Jacob realized he had to grow too. Fast forward to the present time, Jacob now owns a one acre aquatic plant nursery in Corona, California and supplies aquatic plants to the entire Continental United States.