The Jacob's Aquarium brand was founded in January of 2010 by Jacob Castro. Jacob made a name for himself on the internet with his YouTube channel that documented the set up and progression of his planted aquariums. Unexpectedly, the channel grew quickly with new viewers subscribing on a daily basis not even a month after it went live. As his skills developed, Jacob invested in newer video equipment and eventually developed the well known series "Tropical Fish Store Tours." Jacob and his cameraman(his dad)visited many different stores throughout Southern California. But it was one in particular that would have a lasting impact on his career. One of the stores Jacob filmed at(we can't mention any names)offered him a job as their official "Plant Guy." This was welcoming news because before this offer came along, Jacob was on an endless search for work. This new job started out great, Jacob was happy and the future seemed bright.

But the store owner had a different idea and Jacob soon realized accepting this job was a huge mistake. Sadly, this new job did not turn out how he had hoped and eventually forced him to decide whether to continue; deal with the many faults it involved or give up on his only source of income. Jacob was forced to stay, he really didn't have a choice. This was a source of income he now relied on and could not afford to give up. This was the plan, but didn't last long when one day, it reached the boiling point and Jacob decided to resign. He walked out and never came back. During the interview we conducted with him for this "About Us" page, he said "What started out as something great and promising, was just turned into a for profit venture. It was all about the money. No consideration for the quality of the work, products or customer service. I couldn't make my own decisions, I wasn't allowed to do my job. I was constantly harassed, verbally abused, yelled at on a daily basis and forced to do everything else besides what I was originally hired to do. The strange thing was, I was doing a good job.

I was doing exactly what I was told. Which always made me question what provoked my superiors to treat me in such a horrible way. Everyday I walked in that place, I felt an enormous amount of stress come over me. It got to a point where I felt visibly ill just being there. The day I left, was the best day of my life." The first week of being officially unemployed and with the remaining $300 left in his checking account, he built A full service online aquatic plant store. The first week of being in business, received over 200 online orders from customers all across the country. Thanks to the popularity of his YouTube channel and his loyal fans. Jacob's Aquarium has now grown into a trademarked brand that has helped grow the hobby and aquatic plant market extensively. Most notably in early 2015 Jacob's Aquarium became the first online retailer to offer products from Tropica in Denmark.

A highly distinguished European based aquatic plant nursery that wished to branch out to the American market. Jacob has also recently opened a retail location for local customers called Jacob's Nursery. This was the cherry on top of the cake for him. He had this to say "The nursery is everything to me. I love this place. It still all feels like dream. Never did I ever imagine that someday I'd have a sign with my name on it and my very own local retail business. I thought I was destined to sell on the internet out of my small, cramped apartment forever. I'm so glad I got this opportunity. Owning a piece of land I can do what I want with, without anyone telling me otherwise is awesome! and Jacob's Nursery are registered, licensed businesses with the city of Corona in beautiful Southern California. We offer above and beyond excellent customer service and back our products by a 100% money back guarantee. We run on passion, dedication and most of all pure love. This isn't a job or a business to us, it's our life and we love what we do."