Cancellations: All orders are final. No cancellations. No exchanges. No returns. Exceptions are dead on arrival; plants that have arrived dead once delivered. In this case we will offer a refund or exchange. However, once an order is placed it cannot be altered. 


Shipping Carrier: United States Postal Service

Tracking: Visit to track your order. Tracking information is emailed the same day your order is shipped.

Shipping Schedule: We ship on Mondays only! All orders must be submitted by 8am Sunday to ship the next day(Monday). 

Shipping Info: We ship via United States Postal Service Priority Mail. Shipments may take up to three days or more to arrive. Packages are delivered to your front door or mailbox. We are not responsible if your plants die due to being left in your mailbox or at your front door for prolonged periods of time.

Shipping Fees: We charge $8 for shipping and handling. A minimum order is not required. The cost of shipping is the same regardless of how big or small the order is.

Shipping Rates: The Postal Service increases their rates at the beginning of each year. We do our best to keep shipping costs low. However, we don't control the Postal Service. If they increase their rates, we're forced to charge more for shipping. If your order is placed before the rate increase, you will be charged the previous rate, not the new one. Thank you for understanding.

Shipping Restrictions: We DO NOT ship to Canada, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. We DO NOT ship internationally. Please don't ask.

Jacob’s Aquarium Policy 

Dead on Arrival: We guarantee your plants will arrive alive or your money back. If you discover a perished plant in your package, please contact us immediately. Please use the email address provided on the paperwork included with your order for any DOA's. Send us a photo of each dead plant in its original, unopened packaging, include your order number and a brief description of the issue. If a refund is granted, it may take up to three business days to post to your account.

Damaged Plants: Please note that melting or leaf loss is common due to the stress aquatic plants experience during shipping. Aquatic plants can recover. But if you suspect your plant has perished, please abide by our policy and let us know.

Non Compensation Circumstances: Jacob’s Aquarium does not offer compensation for package theft, missing plants or customer neglect.

Guarantee: Our money back guarantee is only valid 24hrs after delivery. We are not liable after 24hrs.

Plant Prices: We have offered the same prices for years, however, due to the many different variables in the plant market and for the sake of notifying our customers ahead of time, all prices are subject to change without notice.

Cancellations: All orders are final. No cancellations. No exchanges. No returns. 

Bundle & Portion Amounts: We do not guarantee a certain amount of each plant for bundles and portions. Mostly all online aquatic plant retailers get their inventory from the same sources. These sources(wholesalers)do not promise us a certain amount for each plant we order. It could be more or less, we just never know. Therefore we only sell what we receive from our suppliers. For example, Ludwigia Peruensis comes in bundles of three stems whereas Ludwigia Repens bundles include five stems and that's the amount we'll ship to a customer when they order these plants from us. Shipping more then what we receive from our suppliers would not make sense as a business. We'd loose on each sale. Some plants we grow ourselves allowing us to offer significantly more then our suppliers. However, some plants just do not grow fast enough for us to satisfy demand. Therefore, we're forced to rely on our wholesalers to keep inventory in stock. But rest assured, as we continue to grow, we will invest in new equipment to grow plants at our facility, so we can offer a more consistent amount. Stay updated on the progress of by subscribing to our YouTube channel. There you will find updates on the progress of the business and much more.

Customer Information: We are not responsible if you misspell or provide us with the incorrect email address and thus do not receive any communication from us regarding the status of your order. PLEASE double check the spelling of the information you provide us during checkout. By completing an order on our website you agree to this policy. No exceptions!

Plant Care

Here on you'll notice we have the care requirements listed for each plant we sell on every product page. Although these are generic tips, they do help point you in the right direction. However, I thought it would help to further explain what these care requirements mean. Below you'll find our definition of each one. Please note that some of the opinions expressed in these paragraphs are just that, our opinions and not necessarily will they help you grow each plant we sell with 100% success. Allot of what goes into keeping a aquatic plant alive depend on the grower, the hobbyist, you. 

Scientific Name: A scientific name is used by scientists to define the genus and species of aquatic plants. They hold no bearing on the care of a aquatic plant but are simply provided by us to help in anyway, should you desire to further research our plants.  

Light Requirement: Some plants prefer well lit environments while others grow perfectly fine in dim, shady areas of a planted tank or ecosystem. The lighting requirements we list on each plant product page define the best possible environment the plant will grow in. Some plants that prefer high light for example can still grow in medium to low light environments, but for the sake of providing accurate and helpful information. We list the most desired lighting conditions for each plant. If you are unable to provide the proper lighting conditions for the plants you're interested in, we recommend doing further research. You may be able to get away with growing the plants you desire in lighting conditions that are dimmer or brighter then what we recommend. 

Substrate: I have always said "A planted tank is as only good as its substrate." In my opinion, substrate is the most important thing. Well above, lighting, water parameters or CO2. Some plants prefer a substrate that's packed with nutrients. For example, the well known and highly recommended ADA soil. While others can grow in just plain gravel or sand. However, keep in mind, a plant is a plant. It needs nutrients in one form or another. If its not getting nutrients from the substrate, it can absorb it through the water in your aquarium. This is where liquid nutrients help out allot and this is the reason we're able to grow almost all of our inventory in pure sand. But, as I've said for many years in allot of my YouTube videos, if you can afford the good stuff, do it. You can't go wrong with nutrient rich substrate, even if the plants you want to grow don't necessarily need it. 

Fertilization: As I mentioned above, some plants prefer an environment packed with nutrients. However, some more demanding plants, require even more. This is where CO2 is required. As much as I have tried, there are just some plants that will simply not grow without CO2. Dwarf Baby Tears for example won't grow at all or just slowly deteriorate without CO2. Some may challenge me on this and that's fine, we all have our opinions. But I've been in the game for many years, grown allot of plants, tried many times to grow them all different kinds of ways and I highly recommend, if you see a plant on our website that requires CO2 and you don't have a CO2 injection system. Don't buy it. You'll only be disappointed. Also, you may notice for some plants we have "Nutrient Dosing" listed as its primary fertilization requirement. This simply means the plant will grow just fine in an environment where liquid, dry nutrients or nutrient rich substrate is abundant. 

I hope this helps you further understand our plant care recommendations and of course if you have any questions, please fill out the form on the "Contact Us" page and we will respond as quickly as we can. Thank you!