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Jacob currently has one aquarium. Its an ADA 75P that was set up on Halloween of 2018. This tank has quite a history, to learn more about it check out Jacob’s videos on YouTube. This aquarium is about thirty gallons and contains seven different species of plants. Ammania Gracilis, Rotala Indica, Christmas Moss, Cryptocoryne Green, Anubias Nana Petite, Glossostigma and Bucephalandra. For substrate, the tank is a mix of ADA Amazonia and cosmetic sand. For hardscape, the tank has two large pieces of spider wood and about twenty ponds of lava rock. Its filtered using a small Aquaclear power filter and Co2 is injected with a aquatek regulator connected to a five pound tank. For lighting he’s using a Kessil A160 and currently there are ten Neon Tetras and two Thick Lipped Sunset Gourami’s residing in the tank. Jacob plans to set up more aquariums so stay tuned and we will be updating this image as the tank matures. To learn more, just search Jacob’s Aquarium on YouTube.