Plant Care

Here at Jacob's Aquarium we offer advice on how to care for each plant, on each product page. These are generic tips; they can point you in the right direction, however, these recommendations will not necessarily help you grow each plant we sell with 100% success because allot of what goes into keeping aquatic plants alive depends your aquarium. Everyone's aquarium is different in some way or another.

Scientific Name: A scientific name is used by scientists to define the genus and species of aquatic plants. They hold no bearing on the care of a aquatic plant but are simply provided by us to help in anyway, should you desire to further research our plants.  

Light Requirement: Some plants prefer well lit environments while others grow perfectly fine in shady areas of an aquarium. Some plants that prefer high light can still grow in medium to low light environments, however, we list the most desired lighting conditions for each plant. 

Substrate: A planted tank is as only good as its substrate. Some plants prefer a substrate that's packed with nutrients. While others can grow in just plain gravel or sand. Regardless, plants require nutrients. If they're not getting nutrients from the substrate, you can provide it in other ways. Liquid nutrients and fish waste is one way of compensating for the loss of nutrients in an aquarium with plain substrate. 

Fertilization: You can't go wrong with CO2. It's beneficial to all plants. Some plants won't grow without it while others will. This is why its very important to do your research. If you see a plant on our website that has "nutrient dosing" on its product page, that simply means the plant will grow just fine with liquid nutrients. In our opinion CO2 is not necessary for these plants.