Dead on Arrival: We guarantee your plants will arrive alive or your money back. If you discover a perished plant in your package, please contact us immediately. Contact us using the email address provided on the paperwork included with your order. If you have misplaced your paperwork, our customer service email is listed below. Send us a photo of each dead plant in its original, unopened packaging and please include your order number. If a refund is granted, it may take up to three business days to post to your account. If you disregard this process, your refund will be denied. 

Customer Service Email:

Damaged Plants: Melting, leaf loss and discoloration is common due to the stress aquatic plants experience during shipping. Some plants just need some time to heal. Once planted in your aquarium they should recover and grow just fine. But if you suspect your plant has perished, please let us know.

Jacob’s Aquarium does not offer compensation for package theft, missing plants or customer neglect.

Guarantee: Our money back guarantee is only valid one day after delivery. 

Plant Prices: All prices are subject to change without notice.

Bundle & Portion Amounts: We do not guarantee a certain amount of each plant for bundles and portions. Plants can be smaller or larger then what you may have seen on our website or YouTube videos. We also sell plants in all stages and states of growth. It just depends on what we receive each week from our suppliers. Some plants we sell are grown underwater, these are called submerged grown plants and others are grown partially in water. We call these emersed grown plants. The photo below is an example of these two states of growth. As you can see as a plant is grown submerged or emersed, things change, but its still the same plant. So if by chance you receive an emersed grown plant from us, rest assured it will transition. No, you did not receive the wrong plant, its exactly what you ordered, just a little different. If grown correctly and depending on the plant species, emeresed plants can take up to two to three weeks to fully transition. We do not accommodate requests for custom plant sizes or growth states. 


Cancellations: All orders are final. No cancellations. No exchanges. No returns. Exceptions are dead on arrival; plants that have arrived dead once delivered. In this case we will offer a refund only. We do not offer replacements. We do not accommodate requests to delay shipments, please don't ask. If you are not ready to receive plants by mail, do not place an order with us. Thank you.