Terms of Service

Buying aquatic plants on the internet is allot different then your local fish store. Please take a moment to review our Terms of Service page; here you will find everything you need to know about buying plants from Jacob's Aquarium. 

We do not accommodate requests for plant sizes, growth states or plant species. We sell what we have. We do not accommodate requests to delay shipments, please don't ask. If you are not ready to receive plants by mail, do not place an order with us. We only offer refunds for dead plants. No replacements. All orders are final. No cancellations. No exchanges. No returns. Our money back guarantee is only valid 12 hours after your order has been delivered. A clear photo of any perished plants in their original, unopened packaging is required in order to obtain a refund. NO EXCEPTIONS. Opened plastic plant packages are automatically void of warranty. All prices are subject to change without notice. We do not guarantee a certain amount of each plant for bundles and portions. Plants can be smaller or larger then what you see on our website or YouTube videos. Package theft or customer neglect is not covered by our guarantee. Some aquatic plants are prohibited in certain states, it is the customers responsibility to abide by any state regulations.