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Dear Jacob, my name is Vivian, everybody calls me either Mom or Grandma. I'm a senior and am stuck at home. I adopted a poor looking betta I call Blue. I did some research and decided to put live plants in his 5.5 gal. Didn't know abt you right off so I had a friend pick up a couple of plants at Petco. Well, I'm proud to say Blue has up graded to a 10 gal and he's a happy lil' fish. I just recieved my order a day early and am very excited! Opened the box to some perfectly beautiful plants. I'm on a budget so I can only order a few at a time. But, I'm so pleased. You've made my day! I went to work immediately to plant. Now I'm admiring. I have a 20 gal I'll be putting together soon, it just takes alil' time. But, I know where I'll be buying my plants. And we might just get alil' creatively wild! You've made an old lady very happy. Thank you, Mijo Grandma in Indiana Click here to view the original testimonial.


I just want to say I appreciate you separating the different plants in their own plastic bags, as it is a pain when the different plants stick together. Thanks! Click here to view the original testimonial.


Hi Jacob, It has been couple of weeks since I received the plants I purchased from your store. I planted them the same day I received them. They’ve been doing great and growing well so far. Thank you for selling the plants for reasonable price (actually it’s more than just reasonable!). Click here to view the original testimonial.


Hi Jacob! I have received my order and everything looks good. I'm happy to have ordered. From you and would also like to thank you for all the great videos you have put out. My husband and I have only recently got into aquariums and plants. So it is such a great help to watch you! Thank you from the East Coast! Sarah. Click here to view the original testimonial.

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