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This is our green house located inside Jacob's Nursery! This is where all of our plants are grown, packaged and shipped! Designed and built by Jacob himself, the pond is 600 gallons and contains over 60 different species of aquatic plants with new ones introduced all the time! The pond is filtered through a overflow box that leads to a 50 micron sock then through lava rock(bio media)and pumped out through a 1,000GPH pump into a UV sterilizer and back out into the pond.

The pond also contains four circulation pumps for even water movement. A twenty pound tank is used for a constant supply of CO2. There is approximately 900 pounds of silica sand in the pond used as substrate. During the winter the pond is heated with three 300 watt heaters and lit with five Kessil A160WE Tuna Sun LED grow lights. On a weekly basis, pumps, plumbing and filter socks are cleaned. Lastly there are five blue Gouramis and dozens of Zebra Danios in the pond. All of which have bred producing hundreds of offspring!